SOCAL Men's conference
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SoCal Mission

The SoCal Men’s Conference is a place to rally the troops. For men of God to stand together and declare their faith and strengthen themselves in their walk with Jesus. Our hope is that those who come will leave changed and grow deeper in their walk with Jesus from this point on. To take courage knowing who their Savior is and know that we can be strong and courageous because our God is with us wherever we go

“…Valiant men whose hearts God had touched.” – 1 Samuel 10:26

SoCal Speakers

This year’s SoCal Men’s Conference features speakers who will embolden our walks as they point us to finding courage through Jesus. You’ll hear messages from Franklin Graham, Ben Courson, Chad Williams, Garid Beeler, Jack Hibbs, John Randall, Jason Duff, Ryan Ries, and Jeff Johnson




Anaheim Convention Center

Located at the beautiful Anaheim Convention Center Arena with seating for 7,500. So invite a friend who needs to be reminded of the Courage we find as followers of Jesus.


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Franklin Graham

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jack hibbs

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John Randall

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Chad Williams

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garid beeler

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Jason duff

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Ben Courson

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ryan ries

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Jeff Johnson



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